To meet the goal of restricting global warming below 2 degrees Celsius, annual global greenhouse gas emissions need to be reduced by over 50%. However, the planet is expected to add ~2-3 Billion people over the next 30 years. The last time this happened (last 30 years), global greenhouse gas emissions grew by ~30%. Supporting the growing food, energy and infrastructure needs of a growing population while reducing greenhouse gas emissions is the Sustainable Productivity challenge.

This exhibition will leverage a broad range of media - from traditional film to 360 film to Virtual & Augmented Reality - to engage, educate and energize people to make the kind of behavioral changes that are required to address the Sustainable Productivity challenge.

We will engage people by creating content that is immersive, interactive and intuitive, enabling people to truly experience the impact of greenhouse gases on the planet and develop an emotional connection to the issues.

We will educate people by sharing facts in a manner that they can relate to. For example, we could tell people that in the United States alone, we waste over 60 million tons of food per year. However, it is very unlikely that they would remember this statistic. Instead, we will show them that the total amount of food wasted in the United States each year is enough to fill 160 Empire State Buildings!

Finally, we will energize people to drive behavioral change by giving them a simple set of actions that they can take every day in three specific areas that together account for ~35-40% of annual global greenhouse gas emissions.