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Food wasted at the farm
Produce discarded for imperfections
Wastage due to packaging
Decay due to transportation
Wastage in retail stores
Wastage in restaurants
Wastage at home


The Global Food Challenge

This study by the World Resources Institute explains the Global Food Challenge and the role of Food Waste in 18 graphics.

Why America leads  in Food Waste

Roughly 60  million tons, nearly 50% of the produce in the United States is thrown away each year. This article explains why this number is so high.

The Problem of  Food Waste

This article by FoodPrint explains in detail all the sources of food waste in the United States and the economic and environmental impact of this problem.


Feeding the World: The Future of Food

This in-depth article by National Geographic explores what we need to do in terms of sustainable farming and food waste reduction to feed 9 billion people.

Economics of Food Waste Solutions

This article by ReFed, one of the leading organizations addressing food waste, analyzes the economics of 27 solutions for reducing food waste.

10 Innovative Food Waste Initiatives

This article by the Sierra Club highlights ten innovative organizations that are fighting food waste with a wide range of solutions including mobile apps.


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