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Oil wells
Oil rigs
Natural gas plants
Coal fired plants
Wind farms
Solar farms
Hydroelectric power plants


Fossil Fuels: Coal, Gas, Oil

The mining, drilling, transportation and burning of fossil fuels has several detrimental environmental effects. This article provides a great overview.

Air Pollution from Fossil Fuels

Air pollution causes between 4 to 5 million deaths worldwide every year and costs the US economy up to $1 trillion per year. This article provides details.

Impact on Climate Change

Emissions from fossil fuels are directly responsible for global warming and sea level rise, according to this study by the Leonardo di Caprio foundation.


Wind Power

Wind power has some of the lowest environmental impacts of any energy source. This article by the American Wind Energy Association provides an overview of Wind power and its benefits.

Solar Power

Solar is one of the cleanest and most abundantly available sources of power. The Solar Energy Industries Association provides a great overview of the technology and its benefits.

Hydro Power

Hydro power plants have low emissions and also offer benefits for land and wildlife preservation. This article provides more details on the numerous en benefits of hydro power.


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